Castrol Car Safety.

Car safety - but sexy.

Cars are generally considered sexy, but car maintenance? Perhaps not. So how do you get customers excited about checking their engines and buying engine oil? Our Castrol Car Safety Event showcased the benefits of Castrol engine oil in a way that was pioneering, engaging and unexpectedly fun.

Customers found themselves hooked in by our tablet-based augmented reality game. By holding a tablet in front of the model car engine, customers could digitally rebuild it one part at a time, then use Castrol oil to complete the job. This astonishing use of augmented reality made the importance of engine oil to a healthy engine tangible. The experience taught customers about car safety in a way that was fun, immersive - and a little bit sexy.

“N2O used digital technology to communicate a complex message in a way that was engaging and easy to understand.” Retail Activation Manager, Castrol

The seamless digital experience was underpinned by two crucial components - the visually stunning cardboard engine and the augmented reality that was built on top of it. We completed all the digital design in house, allowing us to work closely with both the specialist cardboard printer and the client when creating the customer experience, ensuring that each part of the customer journey dovetailed with the next.

In-house digital


Innovative AR

To ensure that the event led directly back to the product, we encouraged further purchase by providing partakers with a money-off coupon. Through this event we found a way to promote a necessity product in a way that was experimental, exciting and totally unprecedented.

Pioneering, engaging and unexpectedly fun.